Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee | 4 Methods of Coffee Brewing

There was a time when people had limited choices for Coffee Brewing, but the scenario is just not the same now. With all the technological advancements and the rise in the Coffee-Craze, we could actually make more than 40 varieties of the Coffee!

Perfect Cup of Coffee

In this post, I will be sharing 4 Coffee Brewing techniques which are fall in the forever classics and a Must-Try for all.

Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee | 4 Methods of Coffee Brewing

How do you define the perfect cup of coffee?

Coffee which hits you in the lazy mornings, something that relaxes due to the tiring and hectic workload, or something that makes you feel good.

Following are the Coffee Recipes that I found interesting and worth giving a shot!

#1 Method – The Moka Pot (Brewing using Pressure)

Moka Pot

If you want to go for an espresso-kind of drink but still keep it on a budget, then Moka Pot is the savior. Water is boiled in the bottom chamber, and the steam generated through it generates the pressure which pushes the water through the coffee grounds and your coffee is produced in the top chamber.

#2 Method – Clever Dripper

You may find it similar to the Pour Over thing, but this one is a bit different in operation.

Clever Dripper

Here you will have to first take the clever dripper; and add the filter, water, and coffee ground into it. Let the filter do the steeping, this may take around 3 minutes. Take the dripper out and place it on the mug which activates the valve and lets the coffee drink fall right into the mug.

Many people have asked me, does coffee cause belly fat? I don’t know much on this, but the black coffee is found to be a good option for weight loss.

#3 Method – Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

If you are in need of a strong, black coffee to kick-start your mornings, then this is it! At first, it may seem pretty easy, but you need a different set of skill level for the processing.

#4 Method – Soft Brew

Soft Brew

For making a Soft Brew, first, fill the Soft Brew stainless steel filter with finely ground beans and hot water. Let the grounds steep well for about 4-8 minutes, and then serve.

So, these are the Coffee Brewing Methods which are unique yet simple in the processing. Which one’s your favorite?