Delta 9159-DST & Delta 19922-DST Ashton Kitchen Faucet Reviews

If you have planned to buy a good looking kitchen faucet with lots of compliments, single handle control high arc spout and life time warranty for finish then Delta 9159-AR-DST can be a great kitchen faucet for you.

The design of the faucet is inspired by European sleek elegance design.

Delta 9159-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Delta 9159-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

This masterpiece of Delta features diamond seal technology, Magnatite docking, and touch clean option that make it a wonderful faucet for your kitchen.

AR- Stands for Arctic stainless steel finish

DST: Diamond seal technology

Special features of Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet

When your faucet leaks it irritates you and you would ever like to have a faucet that could provide you leak free operations for very long time, the diamond seal technology of delta faucet takes care of this issue.

Additionally, magnetite docking makes the faucet free of dangling when not in use.

Elite features of Delta-9159-AR-DST

Here are some great features of Delta-9159-AR-DST kitchen faucet that makes it a great kitchen faucet to buy.

  1. ADA compliant ( it means the faucet is easy to use for the people who have any type of disability)
  2. The faucet features a pull-down wand which operates in a spray mode or aerated with the help of ergonomic buttons
  3. High arc spout makes working under sink very easy because it provides large area to work in your sink.
  4. The faucet’s internal surface is made of very small diamond particles that keep away metal contaminants to come in contact with water.
  5. The faucet is certified by CAL Green to be a water efficient product.
  6. 3 or 1-hole, 8 inch installation

Spray type: pull down

Installation method: deck mounted

Finish: arctic stainless

Weight: 5.2 pounds

Flow rate: 1.8 GPM

Consumer ratings: 4.7 (out of 5)

What the real users are saying about Delta-9159-AR-DST?

“If you need a modern looking and sleek design faucet with great function, this is the faucet for you” by Pope J

“Because of Magnatite docking, the faucet head clicks back very easily at the place” Ann Parker

“Works very well and looks great” by Charles Volpe

“Great update to our kitchen, looks perfect and works wonderfully” by Susan W

The faucet is rated very high at Out of 47 total reviews, it has gotten 4.7 stars (out of five) that suggest it is a great faucet that you may have in your kitchen. The faucet is strongly recommended by the people who already own it at their homes.


  1. Equipped with Touch clean option
  2. Easy to use and install
  3. Because the inside of the faucet is made of diamond particles, the faucet is very durable.
  4. Single hand design for smooth control


  1. looks very large and bulky when mounted
  2. poor water pressure

Current price: The retail price of Delta 9159-AR-DST kitchen faucet is $468.10. However, we have found at much discounted rate with free shipping at

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Full Review

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton Full Review

If you want to remodel your kitchen with a decent looking, high performance, long lasting, with a life time warranty, and single handle kitchen faucets then Delta 199922-SSSD-DST is a great kitchen faucet that you may consider to buy.

The faucet features Magnatite Docking, Diamond seal technology, high arc spout and soap/lotion dispenser.

SS- Stainless steel finish

DST- Diamond seal technology

SD- Lotion/soap dispenser

Elite features of Delta 19922-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet that makes it a worth buying faucet for your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen needs lots of things to be considered and the selection of faucet is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered first to give a good look to your kitchen.

The Delta 19922-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet not only features lots of modern technologies but also it has stainless steel finish that prevents corrosion and provides long lasting good look to the faucet.

Spray type: pull down

Installation method: deck-mounted

Weight: 6.9 pounds

No of handle: single handle

Consumer ratings: 4.6 out 5 (ratings are based on reviews)

Warranty period: life time warranty for finish

What the users are saying about the faucet?

“The faucet is installed easily, looks great and functions very well”

“The quality, features and functions of this faucet are better than those faucets which are costlier than this faucet” by B. Lemons

“The best thing in Delta 199922-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet is the magnetic spray head” by Kenny

“A great faucet, and very easy to install. I would recommend it to all my friends”

Delta 19922-SSSD-DST Ashton kitchen faucet is undoubtedly a great product for your kitchen because it is rated very high at by the customers who have already bought it.

Out of 131 total reviews, it has gotten 4.6 stars out of five which clearly shows that the faucet is worth buying. However, let us have a quick look on pros and cons of the faucet.


  1. Features a multi-flow wand that makes it easy to increase flow rate when required
  2. High arc spout that turns around 360 degree and provides complete access to the sink
  3. Features Magnatite docking and diamond seal technology.
  4. Inside surface is made of tinny diamonds that keeps away metal contaminants away from water
  5. High arc pull down spouts expands work area
  6. Accurate water temperature positioning
  7. Good spray settings
  8. Life time warranty and a well known brand
  9. Very easy installation
  10. PEX tube pipes


  1. Comes with a plastic soap dispenser
  2. Plastic pipes are not so flexible

Delta Leland 9178 & Delta Pilar 980T Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The Leland 9178-SS-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet from Delta is an amazing product that is blessed with the highest level of technological brilliance and quality.

This beautiful single handle pull down model is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

The product offers a total sink access, thanks to a high arc spout that can swivel by 360 degrees.

Delta Leland 9178 Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland 9178 Kitchen Faucet Review

There is a 6 feet long hose that provides a 20 inch reach. The single handle feature makes it easier to operate with only one hand.

Some other important features include a diamond seal valve, and a magnetite docking.

The product has so far received an amazing response from the buyers. It has an overall user of rating of 5 stars on the basis of customer feedback and features.

This is the number one product in the category of kitchen sink faucets, according to This review has been conducted to provide you valuable inputs that will help you make an informed decision about it.

The Negative Reviews

As expected from atop rated product, there were very few negative comments from customers about the Leland 9178-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet. However, some points did come out during our review.

In some cases, customers faced problems with the installation of the faucet. Sometimes there was a leakage, and water sprinkled from different parts of the faucet.

The flow completely stopped in some other instances. However, the users have mentioned that the Delta customer support team was extremely proactive to resolve their issues.

Some other users were not too happy because the unit was much larger than they thought.

Unfortunately, they had to return their new faucet. Customers have also mentioned that the plastic socket does not fit over the nut.

The magnet locking feature was also a cause of concern for some users because it did not appear strong enough. The controls of the faucet are difficult to get used to with, according to some users.

The Positive Reviews

More than 95% of the buyers had no hesitation in saying that they were proud to have installed this top class faucet in their kitchen.

They had too many good things to say about this product. Some of the most significant of those are summarised below.

The heavy built and durable material of the product has been appreciated by all. Even some of plumbers engaged in installation have praised the product for its strongly built structure.

The installation process is very easy and takes little time. These customers have mentioned that each component of the product efficiently performs the function that they are expected to.

They made a special mention of the handle saying that it is extremely comfortable and easily adjusts the flow of water from high to low hot to cold.

The pull out wand is also very efficient, and it locks magnetically when pushed back in its slot.

The Conclusion

The findings of review only reconfirmed the fantastic user ratings that the Leland 9178-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet already has.

This is undoubtedly one of the best available choices for a kitchen faucet. The negative reviews were more about preferences of users and their own inability to use the product in the best possible way.

Bring home this life changing product right away, and feel the difference yourself.

Delta Pilar 980T Kitchen Faucet

Delta Pilar 980T Kitchen Faucet Review

The Pilar 980T-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet from Delta is a stainless steel faucet with highly advanced features. The most exceptional feature of this faucet is the technology called the Touch 2.

This technology makes the faucet responsive to the mildest of pressure. Therefore, the faucet can be switched on or off only with a gentle touch.

The wand for pulling down the faucet is flexible, and there is a magnetic dock for keeping it when it is not in use. The product has a highly durable electronic valve with a diamond coating.

The up and down or left to right movement of the handle is smooth and effortless. The high quality stainless steel finish saves the product from rusting and discoloration.

The installation process is extremely easy; thanks to the Diamond seal technology.

This technology is also responsible for providing safety and durability to Pilar 980T-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet from Delta.

This product is one of the top 70 kitchen sink faucets, according to The feedback from a large pool of satisfied customers has ensured an impressive overall user rating of 4 stars for the product.

The Negative Reviews

In spite of great features and impressive customer review, some drawbacks of the product were pointed out by the users.

Many users have complained that they had a horrible time installing the faucet. Some of them had to live without any water supply to their house for hours because of this.

The battery life is also a cause for much concern. The batteries generally need to be replaced every two weeks.

The touch sensors on the pillars are also not flawless. Some of the users complained to the company about this problem.

We have also received complaints about receiving a package with missing or damaged parts. Several users have mentioned that the faucet works fine when operated manually. However, the touch feature has some flaws.

The Positive Reviews

Contrary to the above opinion, most of the customers have stated that the Pilar 980T-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet from Delta has quickly become an indispensable part of their household.

All these customers have agreed that this is a fantastic product with highly useful features. The stream of water can be paused or started by a gentle tap on the spout or the handle.

This is a very handy feature while washing hands or dishes.

Many users feel that the stylish look of the product was enough for them to assign a five star rating for it.

The silky and smooth finish adds a touch of elegance to it. Moreover, the stainless body is highly durable, too. We did not receive any major complain about leakage or freezing of the faucet.

One of the brightest things about Delta is the quality of customer support that it provides to its customers. Many users have praised their high standard of customer care.

The Pilar 980T-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet from Delta is a state of the art product with features that can provide comfort at its best.

The product is certainly one of the best options for someone looking to change the entire looks of his/her kitchen.

Most of the negative reviews had little to do with the functional aspects of the product. This top rated faucet is for someone who loves to live with style and comfort.

The Conclusion

The findings of review only reconfirmed the fantastic user ratings that the Leland 9178-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet already has.

This is undoubtedly one of the best available choices for a kitchen faucet. The negative reviews were more about preferences of users and their own inability to use the product in the best possible way.

Bring home this life changing product right away, and feel the difference yourself.

Grohe Ladylux 33 759 SD0 Kitchen Faucet Review

Grohe Ladylux has got top-rate functionality, and unrivaled durability is part of what makes this particular model so appealing to so many consumers.

Add to that a limited lifetime warranty that Grohe honors without hesitation, and you have the undeniable all-star of pull out kitchen faucets.

However, the truth is that Grohe kitchen faucets are not cheap.

Grohe Ladylux 33 759 SD0 Kitchen Faucet Review

Grohe Ladylux 33 759 SD0 Kitchen Faucet Review

They never have been.  And the Grohe Ladylux Plus is one of the more expensive models available.

So, before you rush off to spend your hard-earned money on this top-of-the-line kitchen faucet, you might want to read what I have to say about it below first.

Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus Features

  • Grohe StarLight finish (in Stainless Steel and Black Steel)
  • Pull-Out Dual Spray Head with Steam and Spray settings
  • 360-Degree Rotation on Swivel Spout
  • Grohe SilkMove Ceramic Cartridge for seamless water and temperature control
  • Grohe SpeedClean Anti-Lime System to help prevent limescale buildup on the spray nozzles
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Spout Reach = 10 3/8″
  • Faucet Height = 11 7/8″

Grohe Ladylux Plus Functionality

The Grohe Ladylux Plus was built with precision in mind.  The pull-out spray head has two distinct spray modes available:  Stream and Spray.

Single-button functionality allows you to push one button to switch between spray modes, and allows you to use both of your hands for whatever task you’re doing, no matter the spray mode.

The SilkMove cartridge allows for seamless water and temperature control so you’re never left battling the faucet in order to get the water just right.

Grohe 33 759 SD0 kitchen faucet design

This specific line of Grohe kitchen faucets was designed to further increase functionality and visual appeal.

The 360-degree swivel spout allows for full maneuverability; perfect for sinks that sit on islands.

The polished StarLight finishes (Stainless Steel and Black Steel) add that extra touch class that has come be synonymous with the Grohe brand.

Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus Durability

When compared with other similar pull out kitchen faucets the Grohe Ladylux Plus is far ahead of the pack in terms of durability.

Grohe uses their patented RealSteel technology to create each Ladylux Plus faucet, which incorporates the highly durable Grade 304 stainless steel, thus rendering the body of the faucet nearly indestructible.

On top of the RealSteel technology, Grohe also uses their SilkMove cartridges that not only increase the functionality, but enhance durability as well.

They are made of a durable ceramic (instead of plastic) that drastically decrease the occurrences of wear and tear on the faucet.

Grohe is so confident in the durability of the Ladylux Plus that they have a limited lifetime warranty on the faucet, and they have been known to honor it without hesitation.

Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus Pros and Cons

Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus Pros and Cons


One of the biggest pros of the Grohe Ladylux Plus is its durability.  Several customers have bragged about how long their Grohe has lasted.

One individual stated that there’s is 17 years old and still going strong.  Another customer’s hose finally developed a leak after almost 10 years and Grohe sent him a replacement for free.

Another feature that is constantly bragged about is the Ladylux Plus’ single handle’s design and functionality.

It allows separate control of both flow and temperature (which is seldom seen in other models), and thanks to the SilkMove cartridge, the sink is extremely easy to turn on and off with the back of your hands (due to handling raw meat, dirt, grime, grease, etc.)


The big elephant in the room is the Grohe Ladylux Plus’ price.  It is a higher end faucet.

However, the quality product you receive for the price is well worth the investment (according to several customers).  The question to ask yourself is if saving a few extra bucks is worth having to do it all again in a couple of years.

With the Grohe Ladylux Plus, you get the luxury with the top-notch quality, and a lifetime warranty.

The faucet will not remain in spray mode when the flow rate of the faucet becomes too low.

It will automatically switch back into stream mode.  However, this should only be a problem if you run the sink often, and water conservation is a concern.

Grohe Ladylux 33 759 SD0 Customer Review

What Customers Are Saying

There are currently 30 reviews on Amazon.  Based on the reviews, we can conclude that the Grohe 33 759 SD0 Ladylux Plus Pull-out Kitchen Faucet is extremely durable, easy to use, operates smoothly, and is easy to install

Hansgrohe Allegro Review & Buying Guide for Kitchen Faucet

Made by master crafters out of only the highest quality components, the Hansgrohe Allegro E should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a quality kitchen faucet.

Customers rave about its beautiful streamlined design, maneuverability, and dual spray modes – making it one of the top choices for any kitchen project or repair.

Hansgrohe Allegro Kitchen Faucet Review

Hansgrohe Allegro Kitchen Faucet Review

The Hansgrohe Allegro E is without question a top of the line single-hole kitchen faucet, but before you rush off to purchase one, there are a few things you should know first so you can make an informed decision.

Hansgrohe 04076860 kitchen faucet features:

  1. Made of solid brassEasy to use single-control operation
  2. Easy to use single-control operationFeatures a 150-degree swivel spout for maximum maneuverability
  3. Features a 150-degree swivel spout for maximum maneuverabilityErgonomic pull-down sprayer – 2 spray modes: Full and Needle
  4. Ergonomic pull-down sprayer – 2 spray modes: Full and NeedleEasy one-hole installation
  5. Easy one-hole installationCan be installed with 3-hole configurations (optional base plate required)
  6. Can be installed with 3-hole configurations (optional base plate required)Flow Rate: 2.2 Gallon/Minute
  7. Flow Rate: 2.2 Gallon/MinuteWater Consumption: 1.5 Gallon/Minute
  8. Water Consumption: 1.5 Gallon/MinuteHansgrohe Allegro E Functionality
  9. Hansgrohe Allegro E Functionality

One of the standout features of the Allegro E is its functionality. Simply put, this Hansgrohe model is extremely simple to use, and it performs well above standard models.

This performance is due in part to its flow rate. At 2.2 GPM, dried food on a plate doesn’t stand a chance.

And thanks to its mid-range height in the sink, the faucet is not too high where it splashes water all over you or too low where your hands are touching the bottom of the sink when you’re trying to wash them.

Allegro E Design

Hansgrohe is well known for its exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each one of its kitchen faucets, and the Allegro E is no exception.

The handle is both ergonomically designed and heavy in the hands – both signs of quality.

In addition, the faucet features a 150-degree swivel head on the spout that allows you to reach virtually any position within the sink (and even out of it if you need to).

Hansgrohe 04076860 Installation

The Hansgrohe allegro e kitchen faucet is fairly simple to install in both single-hole and three-hole configurations.

Installation instructions come with the faucet, but if a problem should arise there are several tutorial videos spread throughout the internet pertaining to kitchen faucet installations.

One important thing to note about installation with three-hole configurations is that the faucet requires a separate mounting plate that will set you back $60.

What Customers Are Saying

As of this writing, there are currently 30 customer reviews on Amazon for the Hansgrohe 04076860 Allegro E single hole kitchen faucets.

Those reviews only serve to reinforce that the Allegro E is a beautifully designed, top quality, and well-made kitchen faucet.

We installed, chrome finish Hansgrohe Allegro kitchen faucet and for our surprise the faucet has performed better than what we expected.

It has not only enhanced the look of our kitchen, but also it is a faucet with flexible functioning and easy to use spray buttons” By James
Click here to find out more about the Hansgrohe 04076860 Allegro E one hole kitchen faucet and to get the lowest price.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Faucets!

Kitchen faucets or bathroom faucets are available in various finishes e.g. chrome, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, brass, arctic stainless, polished nickel, etc.

Therefore, is it important to look kitchen faucets or bathroom faucets finish before buying it?

For some homeowners, it just gives a great look to faucets, but each faucet finish has advantages as well as disadvantages.

However, most of the faucets have life time warranty for finishes, but the durability of finish, easy to clean, affordability, and less maintenance like aspects must be checked before getting your dream kitchen or bathroom faucets.

Let us have a look on different kitchen faucets finishes and how it is beneficial to homeowners.

Chrome Finish Faucets

1. Chrome Finish Faucets

It is one of the most popular and easily available finishes. The chrome finish kitchen faucets are cheaper than many other finishes faucets.


Easy to clean, maintain and rust-proof. Easily available and match with existing fixtures and accessories.

Therefore, if you are looking for cheap kitchen faucets which are durable (because it increases surface hardness), looking good and easily available then you can go for chrome finish.

Disadvantage– Shows water spots and fingerprints

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Kitchen Faucets

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Kitchen Faucets

It could provide traditional look to your kitchen or bathroom and could be a great alternative for chrome and brushed nickel faucets.


Easily available in market, easy to clean and maintain. It could easily match with other accessories and fixtures. Also, does not show any water or fingerprints spots.

Disadvantage: It could be little expensive over chrome or brushed nickel faucets.

Polished Brass Faucets

3. Polished Brass Faucets

Polished brass faucets provide a vintage look to your kitchen or bathroom.

Advantage: A very popular and durable finish which is easily available at your local plumbing shops. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Disadvantage: It could be more expensive than other easily available faucets like brushed nickel or chrome.

Polished Nickel Finish Faucets

4. Polished Nickel Finish Faucets

Polished nickel faucets can fit into variety of settings e.g. traditional, eclectic, modern or traditional. And can make your kitchen looking great. They change in colors and are often darker than chrome.

Advantages: Easy to clean, long lasting and can be a great replacement for brushed nickel.

Disadvantages: A costlier alternative, additionally it may be hard to get matching kitchen accessories.

Faucets with Copper Finish

5. Faucets with Copper Finish

Kitchen faucets/bathroom faucets with copper finish provides rich look to your kitchen/bathroom. Copper because of having antibacterial properties maintains hygiene.

Copper finish faucets are easy to clean and shine in dark. Additionally, they are rust free.

Disadvantage: Not as long lasting as other finish faucets. Also, it is tough to find out matching accessories for your bathroom or kitchen.

White Kitchen Faucets Finish

6. White Kitchen Faucets Finish

They provides decent look to your kitchen or bathroom. Easy to clean and matching accessories can be easily find out.

Additionally, they do not show off fingertips or water spots after use. They look white because they are either made of porcelain or plastic materials.

Disadvantage: May be expensive because of porcelain made. Also, these faucets are chipping prone.

Black Kitchen Faucets

7. Black Kitchen Faucets

If you are decided to remodel your bathroom/kitchen then the black faucets can be a good alternative. They have been very popular in current years because you need not worry about finding matching accessories.

Advantages: Does not show off water spots, dirt particles or finger prints. Also, they are easy to clean.

Disadvantages: These faucets are not easily available and also they are costlier than other available faucet finishes.